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Some of the programs, plans and activities that run within the environmental management developed by Shougang in our industrial facilities as the camp, we have the following::


Quality of Water, Air and Noise
Concerning this we look to determine the compliance degree of the water’s quality, air and noise existing nationwide as well as the commitments made in environmental impact studies that are approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.


Shougang Hierro Peru, through its Department of Industrial Safety and Environment, as part of their policies of social responsibility and environmental protection, has developed the Waste Management Plan (WMP) for its industrial facilities located in the port of San Nicolas and Marcona Mine, in order to provide proper management of all waste generated as a result of its operations, which are subject to proper management, using appropriate technologies and strategies for this purpose.

For this reason, Shougang Hierro Peru SAA develops a new management structure and operation within its facility, which consists of the implementation of a Waste Management System in which all company members, staff members, workers and / or contractors, stating clearly the level of involvement necessary to carry out the WMP.

In addition, this WMP, establishes the criteria used and the procedures to be followed by the need to eliminate SW generated inside the industrial facilities of Shougang Hierro Peru SAA, among them we have the presentation of management alternatives, in which include the participation of companies providing services, (EPS-RS and EC-RS) and waste management systems, to carry out a waste management in which we can optimize resources and reduce the time storage of waste within the facility, managing to improve operating conditions and reducing health risks and workers safety.


This project involved the construction of the " Domestic Wastewater Camp Shougang Hierro PERU SAA", it began operations in February 2007, currently running at an optimum manner, complying with the environmental objective to treat domestic wastewater before dumping it to the sea, so it enters with levels of physical and chemical parameters that are below the maximum permissible limits according to law, ensuring an effluent quality and pollution for the waters receiving it.


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