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Shougang Hierro PERU SAA is a private company dedicated to the extraction and processing of iron ore.

The mining and metallurgical operations center of Shougang Hierro Peru SAA is located in the Marcona district of Nasca province, Ica. It is located on the Peruvian coast to 530 km south of Lima



In order to broaden the social economic support to the Ica region and areas of influence (Bella Union, Lomas and Acari), in 2007 the IRON ORE CIVIL ASSOCIATION “Progreso y Desarrollo" is established, which so far has an investment amount of S /. 19, 177, 187.91 Soles, that has already been invested in different projects


Mhougang Hierro Peru SAA mining takes place in Marcona, a place where marine species live in a habitat of unique features.

The important natural wealth existing in this area and its mineral wealth have raised a challenge that Shougang has taken, showing that it is possible to make sustainable mining with biodiversity.

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