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Our Company

We are a mining company for extracting, processing and selling iron ore from its deposits located in the southern coast of Peru approximately 530 kilometers from Lima, in the Marcona district of the province of Nasca, Ica region, from which we obtain high grade concentrates for the manufacturing of our products.
The metallurgical mining complex of Shougang Hierro Peru SAA includes 3 areas



With approximately 150 km2, is the place where the exploration work is carried out continuously and the exploitation of minerals under the system of open pit, drill and shooting, that are then mineralized rocks transported by dump trucks and shovels with a capacity of up to 150 tonnes to crushers, where after the process of crushing the iron ore is stacked and then transported to San Nicolas, by a conveyor belt of approximately 15.3 kilometers long with a capacity of 2000 tons per hour

San Nicolás

This is the beneficiation complex, where the minerals go through a series of steps to become one of the products the company sells for which in this area you may find the following facilities:

  • Crushing Plant: Where the iron ore is reduced by approximately 95%.

  • Magnetic Separation Plant: Here the mineral continues its grinding and concentration through cyclones, magnetic separation and flotation, separating the sterile mineral (not used in the production process) of iron ore, which is then divided into two types of products, a concentrate called High Grade Iron for sintering and the other used to power the pelletizing plant, after passing through a filtration process.


  • Filter Plant: At this stage the thickening operations are performed, blending and filtering the received magnetic pulp, leaving the mineral under conditions suitable for processing into pellets.

  • Pellet plant: Where the iron ore is exposed to high temperatures for processing and then to be stored and transferred to San Nicola Pier, where it is transported around the world.

  • San Nicolas Pier: With an extension of 330 mt approximately, with the capacity to receive vessels of large tonnage, due to the depth of the water, besides being a port with more than 8 international certifications, to give the support and security to all our customers.

San Juan

With a population of more than 16 000 people, here is where our mining camp is located as well as the administrative offices, who are responsible for monitoring and ensuring the efficient progress of operations and work relations with employees, the community and the areas of influence in general, making the presence of Shougang Hierro Peru SAA in the Ica region an increasingly benefit to all.

In addition, the Company has a decentralized headquarters in the city of Lima, where there are administrative procedures associated with government entities, apart from having contact with customers and suppliers.



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